Thermoformed Fibre (pulp) - Overview

Thermoformed Fibre (cellulose pulp) is an evolution of moulded fibre that has taken pulp performance to a higher level. Manufactured in Canada from a combination of box off-cuts and wood pulp from the FSC (sustainable) lumber industry, it affords smoother and more technically proficient moulding. This enables the mass manufacture of punnets and trays that can be used on existing de-nesting and sealing machinery instead of plastic, giving top-seal and shelf-life performance in excess of it's plastic counterpart. Available as top sealable punnets, flat and cavity trays in it's natural colour. 

100% Recyclable through kerbside waste paper collections.

Compostable at home or industrially.

For films to top seal these amazing punnets, please see our Lidding Films pages.

Further development is constant, if you would like to know more about this material, please get in touch via  or your local representative. 

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