Thermoforming Films - Overview

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Thermoforming film is used for on-site tray forming, particulary in the protein industry. Enabling the production of a variety of trays from a single film, it is adaptable and managable in-house. With a variety of barrier properties and in combination with an appropriate lidding film, it provides improved shelf life and protection for your products. Ensuring fresh, quality produce is delivered.

PET / PE anti-fog / high barrier - weld seal lidding film:

Polyester/polythene contstruction providing a high barrier weld seal application for pre-formed trays and as a top web for thermo forming. This film can also be used for gas flushed flow wrap applications.

PA / PE film:

Nylon polythene construction designed for thermoforming as a base web. Available with EVOH as a high barrier alternative for gas flushing.

OPA / PE film:

Orientated nylon and polythene provides a medium barrier, higher strength for thermoforming.


Further development is constant, if you would like to know more about this material, please get in touch via  or your local representative. 

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