Skin Films - Overview


The latest development in skin film technology


Skin film is a vacuum formed, pealable, puncture resistant film providing long shelf life to all protein products.

It is now the preferred packaging format for meat and fish due to its durability and perfect presentation.

The additional benefits of using skin film include:

  • keeps the product looking its best throughout its shelf life
  • works with shallow trays which helps to reduce packaging waste and tray costs
  • captures all fluids within the product so no unsightly leakage
  • trays can be stood on their ends, or even hung as the products will not slip to the bottom of the tray allowing better presentation and saves on shelf space
  • easy opening
  • the tray can be recycled as there are no remnants of film left on the tray flange
  • product is presented with a high gloss presentation with extra clarity

Further development is constant, if you would like to know more about this material, please get in touch via  or your local representative. 

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