National Fruit Show 2019

How quickly the seasons appear to change these days. Sundrenched berries and salads are still fresh in the mind yet a chill has arrived in the morning air. That can only mean that we are now well into a new and exciting British Top Fruit season! The annual celebration of top quality growing is just around the corner and we would love to see you there. Our long and proud association with The National Fruit Show continues with sponsorship of the display packaging and our stand is still sparkling from it's debut last year. Alongside H L Hutchinson we will be on hand to guide visitors through the latest innovations and possibilities in packaging for your fine produce. Please come and join us at the show on the 23rd and 24th of October at the Deting show ground. We look forward to seeing you there.

1500x 500

Annabel's Deliciously British

Annabel Makin-Jones has been running her family business since 2004 and has launched her 'Annabel's Deliciously British' brand for 2019 - supplying the highest quality strawberries from her own farm in Yorkshire. Annabel has chosen the Earthcycle pulp punnet and the Obeikan wooden box from Produce Packaging to compliment her dedication to sustainability (and is in the process of trialling biodegradable film lids). We wish Annabel all the very best of luck for her venture and are proud to play a small part in it. You can find outlets for Annabel's Deliciously British Strawberries and more of Annabel's story here.... http://www.annabelsdeliciouslybritish.co.uk/ 

ObeikanMdf 1kg box - manufactured in Spain, erected at our Kent depot. Sustainable - Recyclable - Beautiful

Annabels Deliciously British _Promo

Earthcycle EC350 500g pulp punnet - delivered from our Lincolnshire depot - Sustainable - Compostable - Recyclable - Biodegradable

EC350 Packs

Customer Choice

Eight in ten UK consumers want for more environmentally friendly packaging -  Mark Tierney, MD, outlines what Produce Packaging are doing to help businesses meet end-user 'wants'.



Customer Choice

An interesting article from today's Fresh Produce Journal. It highlights the UK consumers 'want' for more environmentally friendly packaging. For over 20 years Produce Packaging has been supplying many of our UK fresh foods customers with #compostablepackaging and #recylablepackaging in the form of moulded fibre paper trays and punnets. Our range is produced in Scotland by Cullen Packaging and is certified as Compostable. Plus this year we have a new range of Thermoformed Cellulose pulp punnets which are auto denestable and top sealable from CKF in Canada and again certified as compostable. Both ranges are also easily recycled in local authorities paper waste streams too. Call us on 01622 831 423 or visit our web site; www.producepackaging.co.ukIf you are ready to meet the 'wants' of your customers, the options are already out there to meet this growing demand.

 Read the full FPJ article here. 



New Ranges

Ap -mcp -rice

Over the last few months we have been working very hard to introduce new ranges to our already diverse product portfolio. Over the coming weeks these additions will be appearing on our website. We are pleased to be offering packaging solutions for Protein, Ready Meal and Bakery producers and packers across the UK.

Our Protein Trays are manufactured from RPET and as such are made from a minimum of 70% recycled content and are fully recyclable (not including any absorbant pad). 

Our Ready meal Trays are both microwavable and ovenable, manufactured from CPET and perform from -40c to 220c.

Our flexibles range is also growing to cater for top sealing the above trays in addition to thermoforming films for on site tray forming. 

Full details will be added to the relevant pages in due course but for the moment there is a summary of their features available using the above links or via the products menu on the home page.

Of course, if you have any requirements in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.


2018 Christmas Charities

Xmas Charity 2018

Earthcycle choose Produce Packaging


Produce Packaging is delighted to announce that it will be the exclusive distributor of Earthcycle packaging from Canadian manufacturer CKF Inc. in England, Scotland and Wales.

CKF's thermoformed moulded pulp line Earthcycle is certified home compostable, widely  recyclable in the UK waste paper stream and is plastic free. According to the company it has been proven in trials that the Earthcycle punnets match automation speeds of plastic punnets for de-nesting and offers a consistent and strong bond in top - sealing systems.

In shelf and transit trials, the firm claimed, it has been shown that packaged in Earthcycle, produce stays fresher for longer- 20 per cent longer than when packed in plastic.

Made from a blend of virgin and post- industrial recycled wood pulp, Earthcycle is made with either FSC-controlled or FSC- certified wood sourced from "low risk" areas of Canada and the US. Transit time to Produce Packaging's Lincolnshire and Kent warehouses from the CKF plant is only 12 days.

"What initially attracted us to Produce Packaging were referrals from fresh produce packers and growers when we asked for details of the best packaging specialists in the UK," said Brad Dennis, vice president of sales and marketing for CKF. "We then quickly realised that Produce Packaging is a quality organisation with a wide distribution network and deep connections to the grower and retailer communities."

Mark Tierney, managing director of Produce Packaging, added: "Produce Packaging is thrilled to be working with CKF and more specifically the Earthcycle range of packaging. We see where the trend for reducing plastic in the packaging industry is going, and it is important for our company to be on the forefront of bringing innovation to our clients.

"We believe that the Earthcycle line is superior in its design, finish and quality and so offers our clients the ability to easily incorporate the packaging into existing automatic de-nesting, top seal and other packaging format lines."

For more information - info@producepackaging.co.uk 

Another Great National Fruit Show!

Produce Packaging and Hutchinsons have enjoyed another fantastic National Fruit Show along with the many growers, guests and visitors attending this excellent event. The competition fruit was exceptional and many congratulations to every entrant and winner for their dedication to producing the finest fruit in the world. To make a great couple of days even better, the Produce Packaging and Hutchinsons stand was awarded best in show. Fair reward for those that worked so hard to get it from ideas to realisation. Already looking forward to next year!

Show 14Show 1

25 years and counting

NFS Logo Jez

Produce Packaging are proud to once again be sponsoring the exhibition packaging at the National Fruit Show. In fact, to celebrate our 25 years of supporting the event, we would like to invite you to join us on our brand new show stand to catch up and have a drink.

We will look forward to seeing you on the 24th and 25th October at the Kent County Show ground.


PP Logo New 20092018

Embossed Paper Liners

In the current climate, a possible quick win is to replace bubble sheets with embossed paper liners. Manufactured from FSC sourced paper at a BRC accredited factory in the UK, we carry it in stock in both 100gsm and 140gsm grades, both are plain kraft in colour and designed for 60 x 40 cases. It is 100% recyclable either commercially or through the kerbside waste paper stream. Additional benefits include a huge reduction in storage space required (one pallet of embossed paper is roughly equivalent to half a lorry load of bubble sheets!). It is also possible vary the paper colour and print up to six colours: perhaps your brand or promotional message would be further enhanced and gain a wider audience? Size can also be made to measure. For more information please contact us


UJ Paper Cleaned

The Team continues to grow

LH And KW Cropped


We are extremely pleased to welcome Kevin Williams and Lorraine Heasman to the Produce Packaging team. Kevin and Lorraine joined us in August following the closure of Associated Packaging and bring with them a huge amount of experience of both the Fresh Produce and Fresh Foods markets. 

Kevin will continue to work with his Fresh Foods customers as well as supporting our Fresh Produce Sales team with their customers Flexibles packaging requirements in the role of Business Development Manager - Fresh Foods.

Kevin's contact details are:

Mobile: 07522 945 269

E mail: kevin.williams@producepackaging.co.uk

Lorraine joins us to further support our head office Customer Service team at Marden in the role of Customer Services Manager, she will also cover the Plastics Buyers role during Danni's maternity leave.

Lorraine's contact details are:

Tel: 01622 831 423 - Main Office or 01622 391 516 - Direct Dial

E mail: lorraine.heasman@producepackaging.co.uk

We wish both Kevin and Lorraine a long and happy career with the Produce Packaging team.



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